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Wheel alignment is about making sure your vehicle’s alignment is straight, and is recommended once per year to extend the life of your tires. We perform wheel alignment on import and domestic cars, SUV, light truck, pickup trucks, 4x4, all-wheel drive, custom cars, and high performance vehicles. We check and realign your wheels and road test for quality control. All of our wheel alignment services in Ann Arbor are done by qualified ASE-certified technicians. We’re able to help you know that you are driving a safe and properly-aligned vehicle by adjusting your car to the manufacturer’s specifications or proper range.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an important part of regular preventative maintenance for your vehicle, and has several benefits. Maintaining your vehicle’s wheel alignment greatly reduces tire wear, improves fuel economy, improves handling, improves your ride quality, and contributes to vehicle safety. Normal road conditions, and especially Ann Arbor Michigan winter road conditions, take their toll on steering and suspension systems and can cause wheel misalignment as you drive. Regular wheel alignment will help reduce worry, and is a simple step in taking care of your car. Plus, it can help you save money.

Tires are an expensive investment for your car, and as you put miles on your vehicle, the tires get worn. Having a wheel alignment will ensure you preserve the tire treads, letting them wear evenly. You won’t need to have your tires replaced as often, which can save money in the long run. Are you buying new tires for your car? Getting a wheel alignment inspection in Ann Arbor when buying new tires is your best way to maximize tire life. Contact us for an alignment inspection today.

You can have your wheel alignment checked when you come in for an oil change, but if you had even a minor incident with your car, you may want it checked as soon as possible. In addition to normal wear and tear in the course of driving, there are several other things that can affect your wheel alignment. A wheel alignment is therefore strongly recommended if you have hit a road hazard such as large potholes, road curbs, or even objects on the road. If you hit a pothole or an other road hazard, keep a close eye on how your car handles and sounds. If you notice a difference in handling while driving, take your car to an expert for a wheel alignment.

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Winter Driving and Wheel Alignment

Winter driving is particular hard on wheel alignment. The snow, ice and slush that builds up all take their toll on your tires. Your tires need to be properly aligned to adequately pull the snow and slush off the road, so you can have good traction. When you make the switch from all-season tires to winter tires, you should have your wheels aligned. Failing to have your wheels aligned after this switch means that the snow and slush won’t be handled as well by your tires. Auto Tech Center offers wheel alignment in Ann Arbor to get you ready for all kinds of weather — rain, sleet and snow

Do you need this service? You can get your vehicle inspected to see if you need it. Wheel alignment inspection is a relatively quick and affordable process, and it will give you peace of mind. You should have wheel alignment services in Ann Arbor performed anytime you get new tires. However, if you notice any steering problems or an odd steering noise, you should get an alignment. You should also get an alignment if you notice that your vehicle has a steering tracking problem, or if the tires have an abnormal wear pattern.

Risks of Not Having Proper Wheel Alignment

If the vehicle does not have proper alignment, you run the risk of hitting another car or veering off to the side. Delaying or putting off getting your vehicle aligned will increase the risk of accidents, breakdowns, or having other mechanical problems. It’s best to get your wheel alignment looked at when you have a tire inspection so you save yourself from making two trips for two services that can be performed together.

Wheel alignment may also be referred to as breaking or tracking. Although the term uses wheels, it’s actually the process of adjusting your vehicle’s suspension. When you have a wheel alignment, a technician adjusts the angles of the wheels so they align correctly. This alignment affects how the tires make contact with the road.

There are several elements that are used in alignment. These are the caster, the camber, the toe and the ride height. Each has its part in making sure your vehicle is correctly aligned. The caster is for steering feel and stability when you’re going at high speeds, while the camber is about maximizing the contact of road to tire. The camber accounts for the changes of force when you turn your vehicle, and can be adjusted according to how you drive.

In contrast to the steering elements, “toe” refers to the angle that each wheel makes to the longitudinal axis. Toe ensures your tires roll parallel when in motion. Last but not least is the ride height, or the distance between the frame of your vehicle and the road itself. These elements can be affected depending on the size and height of your tire. This is why you need a wheel alignment when you customize your vehicle.

How To Check For Proper Wheel Alignment

 When you look at the wear on your tires, you can get clues about the camber and toe adjustment. If your vehicle’s tires have wear on just the inside or outside edge, you may need a camber adjustment. Caster problems may be present if the vehicle pulls up to one side.

If you see feathering — round edges on one side of the tire and sharp edges on another –it may mean a problem with the toe adjustment. If you don’t correct these problems, your tires will continue to wear unevenly and faster. You may also have more difficulty in handling. Take your vehicle to an auto shop for an expert opinion.

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