Timing Belt and Hose Replacement Services in Ann Arbor MI

Auto Tech Center can service your timing belt and hose

At Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor we check drive belts and hoses during each oil change. We recommend replacing timing belts and hoses when they have visible signs of damage such as cracks, blistering, feel rock hard or mushy, appear frayed split or are leaking.

While visual inspections are good, most timing belts and hoses fail from the inside out so replacing belts, radiator and heater hoses at specific recommended intervals is a good practice to help prevent your car from breaking down. A failed coolant hose can result in severe engine damage from overheating.

A failed or broken drive belt can mean big trouble because serpentine belts are used on most engines to turn the water pump, alternator, and power steering and air-conditioning compressor. During oil changes, V-belts and serpentine drive belts are checked for condition. We will check your manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement of timing belts.

You must know that with the consistent use of your car, sooner or later the car engine accessories which include hoses, timing belts or drive belts will leak out, crack or rust. These are the items which are important components for performing significant function for engine performance like charging, cooling system and air condition. With the passage of time the hoses and belts need replacement since their efficiency is decreased and they are unable to contract and expand properly. The sudden breakdown of these comparatively inexpensive but really significant parts can result in consequences which would be costly. So, you should stop by Auto Tech Center and we can surely help you in removing the risk of all types of breakdown. We have skilled and ASE certified mechanics who can identify any problem with a simple visual inspection, related to belt and car hose that may later on result in serious disaster,

Auto Tech Center also provides regular automotive belt inspections and hose replacements to help our customers to protect them against costly repairs and roadside breakdowns. We detect the different signs of failure on belts which may include worn teeth, engine backfires or fraying for timing belts, and squealing, splitting, cracking and slipping for serpentine belts. We detect the failure of hoses from splitting, cracking, brittle or soft spots.

Signs that indicate your hoses and timing belts may require replacement:

    • Alternator discharging which results in loss of power completely
    • Coolant or other fluid leaks
    • Dashboard lights that are illuminated
    • Steam rising from the engine
    • Failure of air conditioning
    • Grinding or screeching noises when the engine starts
    • 5 years or 60,000 miles since last replacement
auto timing belt replacement at Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor MI

Why Timing Belts Are Important

Hoses and belts help ensure that your vehicle’s components jointly work together to operate precisely and smoothly. For optimal performance of your belt it should be in proper condition, and hoses must be sealed and flexible. If you fail to replace the belts that are worn out, you may have to suffer from costly repairs. Auto Tech Center detects contamination, low belt tension and vibration in the belts, which are frequent sources of noise in a belt. A squealing or screeching noise which occurs when pulled away from a stop normally shows the lack of tension.

Auto Tech Center highly recommends the routine maintenance and inspections of hoses and timing belts, and we especially stress this during hot Ann Arbor summer days when the temperature increases and may result in deterioration of the rubber components. It is the speciality of Auto Tech Center that it hires professional, ASE certified mechanics to ensure the hoses and belts of your car are in perfect condition.

Auto Tech Center is dedicated to earning the trust of our customers and always keeps their cars running like new. We guarantee all the work that we perform for our clients and offer a diverse range of automotive repair and maintenance services for all types of vehicles.

Auto Tech Center always feels honored to perform its services for existing customers as well as welcomes new customers. Whether it is a long road trip or business tour, and you want to ensure the timing belt and hoses of your vehicle are functioning properly, then you need only to stop by Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor MI.

One study from Car Care Council reveals that only 30% of the vehicles hoses and timing belts that need to be replaced are inspected, and in rare cases cars owners know about this fact. Auto Tech Center cautiously replaces the hoses and timing belts of the vehicles keeping them the same size, type, and length as the original. If any discrepancy in function is found during the trial, we instantly resolve the issue. Auto Tech Center recommends and offers to replace the hoses that cross over service of 100,000 miles. We actively notice the thermostat housing condition when making a replacement to the upper radiator hose.

How do Auto Tech Center services help our clients?

Auto Tech Center recommends that car owners should regularly replace timing belts after four years of continuous use, failing to do so may result in a serious breakdown of the car engine system resulting in expensive and severe engine repair.  When a timing belt is worn out or broken it will turn a vehicle inoperable and if the hoses are ruptured or leaking then it may result in overheating of the engine or a sever breakdown in the vehicle. For the ease of our customers, Auto Tech Center also provides appointment services to all those who are thinking to repair and maintain their car.

The damaged bearing results in a grinding noise, which most preferably should be replaced lubricated and aligned to eradicate any damage or further noise. If the drive components like spring tension wear, pulleys, bracket and bearings loosen or belts stretch and worn out then it will produce more noise and vibration.

Key tips for keeping your timing belt in shape:

  1. The timing belt should be replaced every 30-60,000 miles.
  2. The condition of the hoses should be checked after every oil change.

Trust Auto Tech Center to check your timing belts and hoses during your regular oil change maintenance. Call (734) 761-1661 to book an appointment today.

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