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Do you need muffler and exhaust system repair in Ann Arbor MI? Auto Tech Center is here to help. Let Auto Tech Center offer muffler and exhaust system repair services immediately if you suspect any problems. We’re ready to diagnose and repair any issue with your system, so your car can run smoothly. Auto Tech Center can work on any model or make of vehicle, whether it be foreign or domestic.

How Does Your Exhaust System Work?

Do you know the function of your muffler and exhaust system? You may think that they “muffle noise” and “dispense car exhaust”, but they’re so much more than that. A vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system helps contribute to the performance and emissions of your car, which is why it’s so important you hire qualified auto mechanics to work on your muffler and exhaust system in Ann Arbor, MI.

Your vehicle’s exhaust system plays a vital part in your day-to-day driving as it keeps your car running efficiently with fuel. However, the system actually performs four functions for your car. Not only does it keep your car running quietly, it also keeps the vehicle running cleaner with fuel, and improves how your car’s engine performs. One of the most important purposes of the exhaust system is to route dangerous exhaust gas away from your car and its passengers. Breathing in exhaust fumes can be harmful to your health, which is why you need your exhaust system to run correctly.

As a vehicle runs, it burns fuel and air. The burning of fuel and air produces emissions, which exit your car. The emissions include harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases are harmful when breathed in and also negatively affect the environment. The exhaust system lets you drive without these emissions, plus dulls the sounds of combustion and improves your fuel efficiency.

The Different Parts of Your Exhaust System

Your car’s muffler and exhaust system consists of several parts including the catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe. Each part in the car has a valuable purpose toward making sure your car runs safely for the sake of your passengers and the environment. The exhaust manifold is made of a metal — steel, stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum — and vents the exhaust into the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipes are connected to the manifold and end at the tailpipe, which emits the exhaust out of the vehicle.

The oxygen sensors are located on the exhaust pipe or manifold, and help control the emissions from your vehicle. The gases move through the exhaust system, and the oxygen sensors then analyze the amount of oxygen present in the system, sending the information to your car’s computer. If the oxygen sensors in your vehicle fail, your vehicle can no longer adequately adjust for proper emissions. When this happens, the car will try to gauge what’s accurate in the fuel and gas ratio; inaccurate readings mean your car isn’t running efficiently.

The catalytic converter takes the harmful gases and converts them into carbon dioxide and water vapor so that the exhaust isn’t harmful for the environment. Finally, there’s the muffler, which helps silence the sounds of combustion as it occurs through the exhaust system. When the sound reaches the muffler, the sounds are absorbed, meaning your car rides smoothly and quietly. As you can see, the muffler and exhaust system are very important to your car, for safety, noise and fuel efficiency.

Signs You Need to Get Your Exhaust System Fixed

If you observe the following issues in your vehicle, you may need muffler and exhaust system repair services. If you find yourself breathing fumes when driving, roll down your windows to reduce the amount of fumes in your vehicle and find a professional muffler and exhaust system repair expert as soon as possible.

  • The smell of fumes while the car is running
  • You hear a hissing, popping or rattling sound
  • You are getting less fuel efficiency
  • Your check engine light comes on

Any of these occurrences are indicators you may need to have your muffler and exhaust system checked out. Carbon monoxide can be deadly. Since it is an odorless gas, you may not know if there is a problem. Technicians in exhaust system repair services can make sure there is not a leak. If your car does have a leak, it needs to be fixed immediately. Other issues that can arise include a faulty catalytic converter, failing oxygen sensor, or rust, all of which affect your muffler and exhaust system. Letting muffler and exhaust system issues go unaddressed may affect the rest of your vehicle, which may lead to costly vehicle repair later. For the best performance of your vehicle, you should consult a qualified muffler and exhaust system repair service in Ann Arbor MI.

Muffler Repair Services that Auto Tech Center Provides

Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor, MI can perform the following muffler and exhaust system work for your vehicle:

  • Muffler replacement
  • Oxygen sensor replacement
  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Exhaust pipe replacement
  • Tail Pipe replacement


Being proactive about your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system means ensuring the precision and performance of your vehicle. Getting your exhaust system checked once a year is recommended so you can fix any problems. We can provide a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system to ensure your vehicle is in good working order. Having an inspection of a used car is also recommended, and we’re happy to give an expert opinion on the condition of the vehicle

You can never be too careful! If you even suspect a leak, it’s best to come in for muffler and exhaust system inspection at Ann Arbor MI’s Auto Tech Center. Remember, carbon monoxide from your car’s exhaust is odorless, colorless and lethal. If you have any suspicions of a leak, change your driving habits and get an exhaust system inspection immediately.

Having peace of mind with your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system is easy when you trust qualified professionals at Auto Tech Center. We’ve worked on hundreds of vehicles for private and corporate customers, and have the knowledges, skills and tools to fix any problem. When something goes wrong with your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system, know that we’re here with fast, reliable service you can count on, no matter what the issue may be with your vehicle.

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