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Auto Tech Center has the right equipment to determine your check engine light problem correctly. Once your check engine light problem is found and repaired we reset the check engine light back to its original form.

  • A Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light indicates a problem detected by your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system (OBD) computer.
  • A flashing check engine light indicates a problem is currently happening and requires immediate attention. A steady check engine light can be diagnosed at the first convenient opportunity.

When any problems arise relating to your car, look to Auto Tech Center to check it out and get your car repaired and back on the road- worry free and lights out!
Hundreds of drivers trust Auto Tech Center when their check engine light comes on. So our mechanics put together this quick guide to help you understand that mystifying glowing light!

Mechanic’s Guide to Understanding Your Check Engine Light:

It is considered to be a serious problem when the check engine lights are continuously flashing, and it may affecting your car’s emission,  fuel system or ignition. All you need to do is bring your car as soon as possible to Auto Tech Center for a proper diagnosis. Auto Tech Center hires professional, ASE certified mechanics who will interpret the code of the check engine light unit and troubleshoot the problem. The problem may become more severe and costs can quickly escalate if you delay getting your car diagnosed or engine repaired.

At Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor MI, our auto service professionals and qualified technicians perform on board diagnostics and analyze the reason why the check engine light of your car is flashing or is on. Our competent staff determines the possible causes for the flashing of the check engine light which may include the following problems:

  • Failure of Oxygen Sensor
  • A loose gas cap
  • Bad sparking in plug/ignition coil
  • Bad sparking in plug wires
  • Catalytic converter creating problem
  • Bad mass air flow sensor
  • Leakage of Engine Vacuum
  • EGR valve problem
  • Excessive or unnecessary consumption of gas
  • Excessive release of air pollutants
Todd Ugucioni inspecting the check engine light at Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor MI

Almost all vehicles made since the mid-1990’s have an onboard computer diagnostic system which consistently monitors the major operating system and the power train of the vehicle. When the computer detects that the parameters have fallen beyond an unacceptable range for operating the vehicle, it notifies the driver by turning on the check engine light. This indicates that there is a serious problem and that it’s time to take your vehicle to a certified technician such as Auto Tech Center- to fix the malfunction, check the issue and bring your car back to manufacturer’s specification. Auto Tech Center near Dexter Michigan has the knowledge and expertise to properly locate your check engine light and diagnose the issue for any vehicle.

Steps Taken to Fix Your Check Engine Light:

  1. We replace the oxygen sensor that monitors unburned oxygen from the exhaust. Ignoring its repair or replacement may lead to a busted catalytic convertor which can be a costly repair, depending on the type of car.

2. Auto Tech Center checks to see if the gas cap is loose, cracked or faulty, which if so, can turn the entire fuel system rancid.

3. Regular maintenance of the catalytic convertors prevents any future failure. If the catalytic convertor does fail, your car will stop converting carbon monoxide into less harmful emissions. In such a situation, bring you car to Auto Tech Center to have it fixed soon to avoid any long term damage.

4. Our check engine light repair also includes replacing the mass airflow sensor. The air filter of sensor should be replaced at least once a year to avoid any airflow sensor failure. Our mechanics will detect and repair the faulty sensor.

5. Spark plugs and wire repair services are also included. When your spark plugs are failing, the plugs misfire. You’ll feel a slight jolt in your car’s acceleration when this happens. Auto Tech Center recommends getting them repaired as soon as you notice they are failing.

You can trust Auto Tech Center to help you detect and resolve your check engine light problem. Dealing with this issue sooner than later is a wise choice that may not only save you gas but will also help avoid more serious problems down the road. Your best option is to get your vehicle into a reputable auto repair shop like Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor MI where our skilled and certified mechanics have the right diagnostic equipment to treat your car. We can get the problem taken care of quickly, efficiently and diagnosed correctly. If you have a check engine light on, consult a trained professional mechanic at Auto Tech Center in near Dexter MI.

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