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Auto Tech Center performs transmission repair and transmission service in Ann Arbor for all makes and models of cars and light duty trucks. We also do transmission fluid change in order to preserve the condition of your transmission. Transmission fluid change for automatic transmission and manual transmission is recommended by all vehicle manufacturers and greatly extends the life of your transmission. Transmission fluid is used to lubricate the gears and prevent them from grinding. The fluid also helps cool and clean the transmission. As you can see, this fluid plays a big part in the performance of your vehicle and needs regular maintenance, such as a flush. Whether you need new transmission fluid or want a full transmission flush, we’re able to help with all of your transmission needs.

Auto Tech Center’s Transmission Flush Service

A premium service we offer is transmission flush service. Although there is controversy about doing a transmission flush, all vehicle manufacturers recommend a transmission fluid change. The difference is in HOW the fluid is changed. This is why having an ASE certified auto repair mechanic do your transmission service is very important. When you receive a transmission flush at Auto Tech Center, a machine is used to fully remove all of the transmission fluid present in your vehicle. The flush also removes any buildup of grime or sludge that can be harmful to your vehicle. Once the fluid is removed, we run a solution through to thoroughly clean the transmission lines. The process is then finished with new transmission fluid. Having a transmission flush can prevent leaks and overheating of your transmission, plus premature wear of other parts.

Besides the mechanical components it has, automatic transmissions have fluids, lubricants and filters that all need regular service and maintenance. Today’s high tech computer-controlled vehicles need frequent transmission fluid changes and transmission filter changes every two years or 24,000 miles. We can work on your car’s transmission and get it running smoothly in no time.

How Your Car Transmission Works

The transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. The transmission, whether it is automatic or manual, transmits power from the engine to the wheels. Without a transmission, you’d be sitting with your car motionless. You depend on your car to “go” when you push that gas pedal, and the transmission plays a major role in the overall dependability of your vehicle. A transmission consists of gears, rotors, pumps and bands, all of which work together to get you moving.

A vehicle’s transmission has a lot of parts, so it may display multiple signs that something is wrong. If you see any of the following warning signs, your transmission may be failing.

  • Leaking transmission fluid (bright red fluid)
  • Needing to replace transmission fluid often
  • A warning light on your dashboard
  • Shifting to a new gear is difficult
  • The smell of sweet or tart odor
  • Grinding or scraping noises when switching gears
  • Your car is delayed; it doesn’t respond and move right away
  • Hesitation when you shift gears
  • Whining, clunks and clangs when the car is in neutral
  • Your transmission feels like it’s slipping
transmission repair at Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor MI

All of these are problems you can’t afford to ignore with your transmission. If you observe a warning light, such “Check Engine,” plus any of the other issues above, you need a professional transmission diagnosis. If you suspect your car is leaking transmission fluid, take your vehicle to Auto Tech Center. We’re a trusted provider of transmission services in Ann Arbor MI. Leaking transmission fluid poses a hazard to your vehicle and the environment so it’s best to have a professional check your car out. Loss of fluid is a common — yet serious — transmission problem. When your car’s transmission isn’t working and you ignore the signs, you may risk full transmission failure.

How to Check Your Transmission Fluid At Home

One thing you can do as a car owner is to remember to check and change your transmission fluid as recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Do you know what your transmission fluid looks like? You can check your car’s fluid levels easily by using the transmission fluid level dipstick. Simply use the dipstick and check the fluid color, once you let your engine get warm while the car is in neutral or park. If the fluid has particles or water, it’s contaminated. Does it smell burnt? Burnt and varnished fluid will be charred from repeated overheating. You want to have normal fluid that is reddish-brown or pink, and nearly translucent. If you look at the fluid and it appears to be any other color, consult a transmission expert.

The Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

Today’s automatic transmissions are built to be efficient, but may occasionally experience problems. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, there are several problems that can occur with your car. Manual transmissions feature gear synchronizers or synchros, which help synchronize the two gears as you shift from one to another. Sometimes the gear synchros can get worn out, and may lead transmission failure if neglected. Another common problem is with the clutch, which can get worn in a manual transmission vehicle. If you tend to accelerate and shift without releasing the clutch, your clutch will wear down and need replacing.

On automatic transmissions, one common problem is failed needle roller bearings. The needle bearings prevent gears from grinding, but when they’re worn, the bearings can’t do their job. You may then hear a grinding noise while your car is moving. As your vehicle ages, any of these things can occur, so they need to be checked out quickly.

Should your transmission need to be replaced, we will install Jasper rebuilt transmissions, proudly re-made in the USA. These transmissions are remanufactured to high standards and specifications by highly skilled automotive machinists using state-of-the-art equipment and high quality components. Jasper transmissions are dependable, reliable and are backed by an excellent transmission warranty. Your transmission will be replaced by our skilled auto technicians in our Ann Arbor auto repair shop.

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