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We offer expert suspension repair and maintenance for all vehicle makes and types. Whether your vehicle has independent suspension, 4x4, rear wheel drive, or all-wheel drive you can depend on Auto Tech Center to advise you, fix your suspension problem and maintain your vehicle’s suspension. Our focus is to give you a smooth ride and safe handling with a working suspension.

How Does My Suspension System Work?

The suspension is part of your vehicle’s chassis, which comprises all of the important systems located beneath the car’s body. It’s one of the major systems in any vehicle and while it may not seem complex, looks can be deceiving. Your vehicle’s suspension is the system that is responsible for “ride,” which is the vehicle’s ability to smooth out on a bumpy road. It’s also responsible for the handling, which is a car’s ability to safely accelerate, brake and corner. The entire suspension system is a network. The network includes the frame, suspension system, steering system, tires and wheels on your vehicle. Four-wheel, front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vary in the way their suspension works, and the parts that they feature. The suspension system plays a huge part in your car’s safety when you’re out on the road — both for you and other drivers. This is why it’s important to have your suspension system checked by an auto mechanic.

Your suspension is subject to plenty of rough elements and encounters all kinds of things in the road. The day-to-day driving you do can be filled with potholes, railroad tracks, salt, road debris, and more. These road hazards can affect your suspension and change the way your vehicle handles. You may cruise over a big tree branch or pothole and think that your car came out unscathed, but often the suspension was affected.

Safety and Your Suspension System

Safety is a big concern for a car with a failing suspension. The vehicle’s inability to brake, swerve, or turn may be compromised. The lack of proper steering and control may lead to a rollover or an accidental swerve, resulting in an accident. Your car’s shocks, for instance, are needed to help you stop abruptly. If the shocks are worn out, you’ll be unable to stop as fast in an emergency, which means you could have a car crash due to the vehicle’s poor response.

Suspension plays a part in not just the smoothness of your ride, but also in your tires. If you have suspension problems, you may experience uneven tire wear, which means you’ll need to have your tires replaced or repaired more often. It’s best to get your vehicle’s suspension checked regularly, especially if you recently hit a piece of road debris or a large pothole. Always bring your vehicle in for an inspection if you suspect you have a problem, since putting off a small charge might cause you to have pay much more for a major fix.

Signs You May Need A Suspension System Repair:

  • Your vehicle pulls to the side – As you drive, if you feel the vehicle pull to the side. This may be because your shocks are failing. This is a safety issue, as your car might roll over when you make a particularly harsh turn.
  • When driving, the ride is very bouncy – A bouncy ride, where you seem to feel every dip, notch and bump in the road, often means shocks or struts need replaced.

  • When braking, you feel the vehicle dip forward – When driving, you may feel your car dip and lurch forward when you apply the brakes. This is a sign that your shocks may be worn out and need replaced. Again, this is a safety issue because you need the ability to stop on a dime.

  • After hitting a bump, your car keeps bouncing – Your shocks are there to help absorb the impact of a bump to your vehicle, such as when you hit a pothole. If your car continues bouncing after the impact, you may need new shocks or springs.

  • You keep having a rough ride – When driving down the road, if you feel like your ride is rougher than usual, and it doesn’t seem to be caused by an uneven road, it’s probably your shocks or struts. If the shocks or struts are failing, they need to be replaced.

  • There’s a noticeable oily discharge on your shocks – Your shocks and struts may seem fine, but if they have an oily discharge or are leaking fluid, you likely have a problem. This is a sign you need to get to a mechanic. There may be other issues that you can’t see.

  • The tires on your vehicle have uneven wear – If you look at your tires and notice uneven wear patterns or even bald spots, you likely have suspension problems.

As you can see, most of these problems involve the shocks or struts. Common causes of failing shocks can include age, reaching a certain mileage like over 50,000 miles, and accidents. If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you should have your shocks and struts looked over by a mechanic. Don’t take a chance and drive on bad shocks unknowingly, risking further damage to your car.

How To Test Your Vehicle’s Shock Performance

Want to know how your shocks are performing? You can do a “bounce test” to test your shocks easily. First, while in a parking lot, have your car resting. Accelerate quickly and brake hard. Does the rear part of your vehicle keep bouncing? The shocks in the rear may be worn and will need replaced. The same goes if the front of your car nose dips toward the ground.

Next, you can use your bodyweight to perform a shock bounce test. Push down on the front of the car with as much weight as you can muster. Let go and watch your car. Does it bounce once and settle, or does it bounce more than twice? If the answer is that it keeps bouncing, then you probably need new shocks.

Typical suspension repairs include:

  • Shock replacement
  • Strut replacement
  • Spring replacement
  • Sway Bar bushing replacement
  • Control arm replacement
  • Tie rod end replacement
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Power steering hose replacement
  • Power steering pump replacement
  • Steering box repair
  • Steering link replacement
  • Steering rack repair
  • Wheel alignment
Auto Tech Center mechanic inspecting the suspension system of a vehicle in Ann Arbor MI

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