Automotive Air Conditioning Repair in Ann Arbor and Dexter MI

Auto Tech Center specializes in automotive air conditioning service and maintenance.

To make your driving experience expedient and comfortable so you can visit the beautiful areas of Ann Arbor Michigan, having air conditioning is vital. It is crucial to maintain and keep your AC performing efficiently to keep the inside of the car cool, specifically in hot Ann Arbor summer days. In case of AC failure, you need to immediately find a reliable auto air conditioning service shop. Auto Tech Center serves as your local Dexter and Ann Arbor auto repair shop for your auto air conditioning repair.

Our ASE certified mechanics are trained and experienced in repairing your air conditioner at our shop near Dexter and Ann Arbor.

With Michigan summer temperatures reaching into the 90’s we know how important it is to make sure your air conditioning is fine tuned and working correctly.

Our Auto Air Conditioning Recharge Includes the Following Services:

  1. Auto AC leak test
  2. AC refrigerant Freon level
  3. Auto AC refrigerant refill
  4. Auto AC compressor drive belt inspection
  5. Tension check.

Proper heating and cooling performance is critical for vehicle safety reasons such as defrosting and passenger comfort. The heating, ventilation, and auto air conditioning system will work as designed when you service it annually, or service it promptly if an air conditioning problem arises. If you are experiencing a problem with the functioning of your AC system, you’ll probably need the help of a specialist. We provide auto air conditioning services that help keep your car AC system performing at its optimum capacity.

If you love your car, then you should not entrust it to anyone but the best. At Auto Tech Center we strive to be the best because we provide complete car care of the highest quality. All you need to do is to visit  to view our services and customer reviews. We provide excellent and reasonable repair and maintenance services for every vehicle, usually with a one day turn around.

Reasons You Should Hire Auto Tech Center for AC Repair & Maintenance:

  1. The work performed by Auto Tech Center is 100% guaranteed by our ASE Certified mechanics who use reliable tools and techniques.
  2. Auto Tech Center charges fair and affordable rates for auto repair and AC maintenance.
  3. Auto Tech Center provides efficient solutions for scheduling an appointment for your car AC via our website and phone.
  4. Auto Tech Center provides quick and reliable service to our clients, ensuring a quick turn around on your car repairs.

A Detailed List of Auto Tech Center’s Car AC Services:

  • Auto AC Compressor
  • Auto AC Compressor Drive Belt
  • Auto AC Pressure Hose
  • Auto AC Pressure Line
  • Auto AC Compressor Seal
  • Auto AC Evaporator
  • Recharge Car AC System
  • Auto AC Blower Motor
car air conditioning repair in Ann Arbor MI

Auto AC Compressor

The most critical part of your AC system is the AC compressor, which provides cool air on hot days and makes your journey comfortable. Fortunately, Auto Tech Center carries a number of air conditioning compressor repair tools, specifically designed for your vehicle, so you can have your faulty AC compressor fixed in no time.

AC Compressor Drive Belt

If the AC compressor drive belt is not working properly, you should immediately contact Auto Tech Center to schedule an appointment. We carry a wide range of repair services for dysfunctional belts.

Auto AC Pressure Hose

If your car’s AC pressure hose is leaking or blocked, the air conditioning unit will not cool your car. Your air conditioning system is a sealed system and does not require maintenance unless there is a problem. Damage in hoses can include cracks, refrigerant leaks, damaged connectors and more. If you suspect an air conditioning leak from the pressure hose, have one of our ASE certified mechanics diagnose your system and repair the hose if required.

Auto AC Pressure Line

Repairing your auto AC pressure line is one of the best services provided by Auto Tech Center. Choosing our service will save you time and money with our reasonable rates.

Auto AC Compressor Seal

Most often a leak in the AC system occurs because of a damaged A/C compressor seal which is not only detrimental to the A/C operation but also pollutes the environment. If you notice a leak near the area of the compressor, immediately bring your car to Auto Tech Center to have our expert mechanics check your A/C compressor seal.

Auto AC Evaporator

The evaporator or evaporator core is one of the two (maybe three) heat exchangers in your mobile A/C system. Auto Tech Center offers professional repair services for your car’s AC evaporator.

Recharging Your Car’s AC System

If you’re in need of a car A/C recharge service, look no further than Auto Tech Center in Ann Arbor Michigan. We offer an A/C evacuate and recharge where we void the air conditioning system of old Freon and then recharge the system with new Freon. Our performance check, wherein one of our experienced auto service mechanics will:


  • Visually inspect all A/C components
  • Run a performance test
  • Perform a system state of charge test
  • Perform a system control test
  • Perform a leak test using an approved electronic leak detector

Auto AC Blower Motor

Driving without air conditioning or the heater can make a trip uncomfortable. A likely cause for a busted AC or heating unit is a damaged or un-repaired blower-motor. With our wide variety of repair services of AC heater blower motors, Auto Tech Center can help make your ride enjoyable again – no matter what you drive.

Find the perfect repair for your damaged heater blower motor at Auto Tech Center near Dexter Michigan and hit the road in comfort once again. Whatever problem is associated with your blower motor, Auto Tech Center has everything you need.

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