Auto Tech Center Auto Service FAQ

How long does it take to service/repair my car?

About 90% of the time we can offer Same Day Service. The other 10% of repairs take longer due to the amount of work, parts not being readily available, or delays in getting your authorization for repairs.

How much will it cost?

We can estimate some repairs without seeing your car. Our estimates are usually accurate, however we are only able to provide you with a completely accurate and detailed estimate after inspecting and evaluating your vehicle.

Do you charge for estimates?

If your vehicle’s problem can be determined by visual identification, or during an initial road test, there is no charge for estimates. If dis-assembly or test procedures are required to discover what the problem is there may be a diagnosis charge. Diagnosis fees pay for our highly trained technicians time and for use of the high tech equipment needed to test modern vehicles.

What makes of vehicle do we work on?

Most foreign, import and domestic cars & light trucks. You can contact us if you have a specialty vehicle.

What kind of Warranty do we offer?

Our warranty is 12 month, 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Full warranty details.

Do we offer rides to work?

Yes. We will gladly drop you off within a limited area. Please, let us know that you will be needing a ride in advance when booking your appointment.

Do you use original equipment parts? (OEM)

Yes we do. We also use after market parts of equal or better quality. Especially when we can save you time & money and not compromise quality. We will gladly use OEM parts exclusively if you request them.

Will you use re-manufactured components?

Yes, whenever it makes sense, especially regarding starters, alternators, generators, engines and transmissions. We will give you our best recommendation as re-manufactured parts can provide significant savings. The final decision is yours.

Do you provide towing?

Auto Tech Center recommends Fox’s Towing for all of our towing needs. During normal business hours we can help you arrange having your vehicle towed to our shop. Please contact or phone us at (734) 761-1661. During non-business hours, please contact Fox’s Towing directly.

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